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Personalised Rosary Beads

Examples of Personalised Rosary Beads

Please note: Due to the worldwide shortage of Rhodium the letter beads available for personalising a set of rosary beads are limited.  I have all letters apart from the letter 'A' unfortunately.  Personalising a set of rosary beads will be only be available for a short time.

Any set of rosary beads can be personalised using Rhodium plated silver letter beads to spell out a name or a set of initials. It costs an additional $2 per letter to personalise a set of rosary beads and I usually suggest placing a single name in the top decade (as per the photos shown) or a set of initials in the “tail section” i.e. the section between the centerpiece and the crucifix. Please contact me to discuss personalising your rosary beads.